28 August 2011

apartment hunting can be fun

This week has not been an award winner. Filled with frustrations, sadness, loss and calamities, I feel certain that this week will be much more to my liking.  A sure-fire way of cheering myself up is perusing Paris apartments online. I can spend hours (and often do) comparing  them and picturing which one is perfect for me.

Something about the rooftops of Paris.....

this could be the view from my future Paris apartment

This could be the view from my Paris apartment

or this -
La Rotonde

20 August 2011

Francophile: A person obsessed with everything French

Jacques avec rayures
I love Paris. I love France. I love frilly underpants. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously, I love everything about Paris, and after my trip last summer, would very much like to live there. I hope you will tag along as I plot my next adventures in the City of Lights. 

Don't get me wrong, Austin is a fabulous city (not so much in the summer). There are always  fun things to do, people to see, happy hours to attend, and all my best peeps are here. Though I love Austin, I'm not what you would call proud to be from Texas. Let's just leave it at that. 

J’adore French history. How could you not be mad for the French Revolution with Marie, Louis, and their hoity friends? The excess, the parties, the clothes, the drama, the suspense, and let's not forget la guillotine! Oh mais oui, there will be French words and phrases popping up here and there. I'm afraid you will have to learn le Francais along with me! I would suggest having www.translategoogle.com (or translator of your choice) open at all times. It’s the only way my coworkers can read the majority of my emails. Learning French – let me just say that it is quite the challenge.  I have come a long way, but am far from being able to converse confidently with a genuine Parisian. I'm girding my loins to take a "real" French class next month at the Alliance Francaise d'Austin. The classes are small, so maybe I won't be so intimidated to speak out loud. The last aperitif  (happy hour) at Peche was a hoot. I didn't say much, but listening to everyone speaking French was magnifique!

Until next time, I leave you with a phrase (c'est facile) that's not the phrase, it means it's easy. Here is the phrase: une douche froide = a cold shower OR a letdown, a terrible disappointment.  Those funny French!

Austin's amazing bats