24 November 2011

Adieu Thanksgiving ~ Bienvenue Christmas!

Much to my sister's chagrin, I stayed home this Thanksgiving . Cats near and far (and in between) were counting me for their turkey dinner and I was happy to provide it to them. I enjoyed tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, dining outside on the patio with the birds and squirrels imagining what I would be eating if in Paris. Since Thanksgiving is une fête américaine, I would think Parisians would be enjoying cuisine française as usual.

Those expats living in Paris can still enjoy this day of gluttony. Where to purchase all those American goodies? Where else but this fab grocery store (supermarche) called  Thanksgiving,  They have Canadian, British and Mexican favorites as well. Tres brilliant!

If like moi, you would rather go out for American fare, this place gets my vote. When living in Paris, it shall be a regular haunt. They take happy hours seriously.

Lizard Lounge

Moving on, today is Black Friday, another American "tradition". I have never participated in this shopping frenzy nor do I ever plan to. I don't enjoy shopping in general, much less shopping with all of humanity in my face. I have nothing else to say about it.

Now about ceiling fans 

We here in Austin know the importance of ceiling fans. I shudder to think about summer without one or four.

It all started when I asked my professeur de français if we could turn on the ceiling fan. It was quite warm in the classroom. Not only did I get a "non", but a fairly long speech on how much she and all french hate ceiling fans.

According to Madame Didnee, the French would never consider a ceiling fan in their home. I couldn't believe it, why on earth wouldn't you want a ceiling fan in warm weather? What is it about ceiling fans that repulse them so? Madame Didnee enlightened us.

The French find them downright ugly, and are none too keen on the shade that surrounds the light bulb either. Before you say anything, they don't care for the ones without light fixtures, as well. Remember, an unfurnished Paris apartment has nothing in it - at all. The French take decorating their home seriously, ceilings included. A monstrosity made of faux wood and tacky brass hardware attached to the ceiling sends chills up l'épine française.

Madame Didnee did, however, turn on the air conditioner.

Dig out the Christmas lights!                                   

Since I missed Thanksgiving at my sister's yesterday, I'm going to drive up tomorrow for leftovers and a quick visit. I shall also be bringing home my boxes of Christmas decor. No matter the funding situation, j'adore Christmas. Especially the lights. They make me feel both happy and sad at the same time. The blue lights are my favorite; I could gaze at them for hours. 

Soon I will be posting pictures of Christmas lights in Austin. In the meantime, let's see how Parisians get into the Christmas spirit . They even have a list of the illuminated streets in each district. Man, to be in Paris at Christmas...

What to do in Paris during the Christmas holidays?

des Champs Elysées - Crédits photo : Mairie de Paris/H. Garat

Ca glisse à l'Hôtel de Ville 

Bon week-end à tous!

07 November 2011

Preparation and Discovery

A bit more time has passed than I intended since my last post. Excuses are the same; finger pain, etudie la francais, and pets to "sit". Perhaps a bit too much tv. I've also missed two French films - "Hedgehog" and "Gainsbourg". More are to be missed in the coming week since I'm heading to Santa Fe to visit mon à amis Elaine for 4 days! I am très excited. I wonder if I shall run across anything French while I'm there. Bet I do.

It appears my new iPhone is not going to arrive before departure - rats. I'll have to rely on Elaine for capturing the trip on film. Photography is one of her numerous talents. I plan to "encourage" Elaine to learn French so she can accompany me on my move to Paris. I'll need someone to help me with Genevieve during the journey and keep me from anxiousocity overload. Her communication skills are superb, she remains calm in the most stressful of  situations,and ideas flow through her brain like a raging river.

HUGE Paris discovery - Orgie de Nutella in le17e. Those French sure know how to do a brunch. Look how cute the restaurant is!

le Sans-Gene, 112 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris, France

My two favorite brunch venues in Austin are Green Pastures and Moonshine. The Milk Punch at Green Pastures is the ultimate 1000 calorie beverage and the food is tres bonne. Moonshine is more affordable and has a a wider variety of tastiness on the menu. Have you noticed that the french words are missing their accents? I am most unamused that my laptop won't let me type them.

http://bit.ly/ufWwbN   Moonshine
http://binged.it/uUJNiI   Green Pastures

This is going to have to be a short post. Must take care of final preparations for my trip - pick up kitty litter and hiking boots.  I must also finish my homework de francais before class this evening. I'm getting much better at pronunciation  but if there are more than 4 words in a sentence, I sound like a robot just learning to speak.

Que faire à Paris ce week-end?

What to do in Austin this week-end?