07 January 2012

Happy New Year Mes Amis!

Hope everyone's new year is off to a fabulous start. I watched the live webcam of the Eiffel Tower fireworks ( feux d'artifice de la Tour Eiffel ). I hope to watch them live and in person next year.

I was up early (as usual) this morning and spent almost two hours reading French this and French that. I really felt the pull of Paris this week. I want to be there so badly it hurts. I received a Paris air fare email notification yesterday - Austin to Paris $596. My heart fell into my stomach. I don't think that's possible, but that's what it felt like. It burned.

I've decided to sell most of my Barbies. This was not an easy decision, it will be hard to let them go, but the Paris fund is far more important. I am going to keep three that are extra special and have way too much sentimental attachment to let them go. I don't think I can part with my Barbie prints just yet. They are très lovely.

Look for these and several more on eBay in the next few days. 

Letting go - Hollywood Glamour
Keeping - my mom gave her to me

Letting go (painfully) - Camille 

Telltale Toilettes
Credit: Habana Outpost, Brooklyn

For some reason, I got on a toilette kick.  Actually I know the reason. This morning while reading one of my favorite Paris sites, I came across some interesting toilettes and restroom signs.

French factoid: The French don't use euphemisms; if they need to use the toilette, they say toilette. If referring to a bathroom, then you would say salle de bain.

Credit Roryrory CC (flickr) Palais de Tokyo
CC credit flyin Zi (flickr)

Early Morning Walk

After all my Paris reading, I got dressed and went for an hour long walk. I hadn't planned on walking all the way to Town Lake, but am glad I did. I turned left on Caesar Chavez and headed home via the S. First Street bridge. My hammies were humming - S. First is uphill all the way home. I snapped some photos of this and that. Found two things française. You know how I love sharing photos...

 Town Lake from Congress Ave. bridge

bat sculpture - Austin, TX (almost downtown)

thanks, but no thanks
this menu is insane!

Gordough's Big.Fat.Donuts

Crepes Mille - sweet or savory 

French Vietnamense cuisine right around the corner - tres fab!

I shall leave you with a few things going on in Austin and Paris - bonne weekend!

Paris ~


La Scène

Paris, France

Motown Party


Paris, France
Once upon a time, Clubbing was fun, Music was Soul... and Soul was Black! 100% MARVIN GAYE DE 11h30 à 1h30...VENEZ TOT !!! Plus qu'un roi du dance floor, Marvin est un artiste visionnaire, engagé et profondément humain. Hymnes à l'amour, invitations aux plaisirs charnels, plaidoyers pour la paix et manifestes écologiques... Il est le prince de la Motown. Les 2 premières heures de la soirée lui seront langoureusement consacrées, puis, quand l'heure et le dancefloor imposen... 



Paris, France
PATRICK FAIGENBAUM - PHOTOGRAPHIESPARIS - PROCHE ET LOINTAINdu 27/09/2011 au 12/02/2012 .2011-09-27T00:00+0200 2012-... (read more)

Affreux, sales et gentils


Paris, France
Après 35 kilos d'espoir d'Anna Gavalda et Journal d'un chat assassin d'Anne Fine, La Petite Compagni... (read more)
dodgy translation: After 35 kilos of hope and Anna Gavalda Diary of a killer cat Anne Fine, The Little Company is addressing this new masterpiece of children's literature. "It is kidnaps you, brat!" Amaury is abducted by strangers, this is no accident, his parents are very rich! On arrival,change of scene: an empty lot and a frightful family determined to...

Austin ~

Write Here


In an effort to foster Austin’s literary community and give you writers a break from noisy coffee shops, WriteByNight presents “Write Here,” an opportunity for Austin writers to use our East 6th Street space to write, read, meet other writers, or just kick back and dream. Write Here is free and open to the public, so bring your friends. Write Here boasts: a selection of comfortable seating areas, inside and out free coffee and snacks free Wi-Fi writing prompts a library of fiction ...

Live Music Saturday


Join Everyone at Freebirds in the Woodlands and welcome Mike Hood this saturday night. Mike plays Top 20 hits from the 50's Till today. He plays the songs everyone loves to remember

Saturday Night Special: Seance! and Girls Girls Girls|    Buy tickets

Salvage Vanguard Theatre

Once again, you are invited to join the Secret Society of Blackbower Mediums, a circle of spiritualists bound together by the touch of hands, as they invoke spectral visions spawned by the suggestions of the audience participants. Through incantation, the mediums will attempt to communicate with the spirits of the dead, hoping to prove continued existence after physical death, and, together with the audience, channeling their ghostly tales to the land of the living! Be warned! The channeling...