23 June 2012

"Play me, I'm yours"

How culturally fun is this? 40 pianos will be scattered about the streets of Paris between June 22 and July 8, 2012.

 J'adore!  This is much like our painted les vachesbut Parisian. The pianos are placed mainly around popular tourist areas, so hopefully the locals don't become too ennuyé (annoyed) with spontaneous concerts.

The pianos have been touring internationally since 2008, started by British artist Luke Jerram. 40 pianos have been placed throughout Paris for all to play from 9:30 to 8:30 every day. 
After 17 days in Paris, the pianos will be lent to a local non-profit organization until next year.

Paris has painted pianos, we have painted cows. Seems approprié.

Batsy at Twilight by Linda Figg

Moo-sy in the Sky With Diamonds by Allison Gregory

Found a piano cow!      

c'est all for now (rhymes with cow-hehehe)