19 August 2012

What Are Hot Parisians To Do?

Once again an entire month has passed since my last post. How does this happen?
More importantly, this is the last day de Paris Plages- bummer! I am so disappointed and I'm not even there. Wonder why les plages are only open for one month? What do they do with all that sand? Where are all the beach chairs stored? Are all des Plagistes now unemployed?  I need to know the answer to these questions (and more). Maybe a lovely Parisian will read this, and be compelled to answer my questions. Maybe Eric Tenin would consider providing some insight. He beat me to this blog topic, but only because he is seven hours ahead!

Holy Vache - it is expected to reach 100 degrees in Paris today! I'm pretty sure they do not use vache (cow) in this context.
Paris Plages 2012 Crédits: Sophie Robichon / Mairie de Paris
How très Parisian! When is the last time you (Americans) witnessed this activity on the beach? I'm going to guess... never
Paris Plages 2012. Crédits : Clémentine Roche / Mairie de Paris 

As you may or may not know, most Parisians leave en vacances during the month of August. The French Austin dwellers do the same! This is why we're having such a long break before the start of our next French class. My teacher is in Toulouse as we speak. I am vert (green) with envy. Again, vert is not used this way. Maybe I should spend some time looking up des phrases françaises to use in circumstances such as these.

Stay cool et bonne semaine!