28 October 2012

Zombies in Paris

thought I'd show you what Parisians are doing this Halloween. Seems they are getting into the spirit of the holiday. My teacher, Madame Didnee, told us that France didn't much participate in Halloween in years past. Can you believe Paris Zombies still manage to look fabulous? I can.

I threw in another scary tidbit from another part of Europe. I can't get it out of my mind, so I'm attempting to embed it in yours. ;-} (that's my attempt at an evil, I'm just kidding smile.)

translation below
L’occasion annuelle de venir  trimbaler vos carcasses faisandées à l’air libre dans les rues de Paris approche ! Combien de zombies répondront à l’appel ?Vous étiez environ 2000 l’année dernière, est-ce que le nombre de morts désireux de marcher fièrement dans les rues de Paris continuera de croître ? Des stands de maquillages gratuits, animés par des maquilleuses et maquilleurs professionnels et amateurs seront à la disposition des « manifestants », même si vos propres créations sont plus que bienvenues ! La séance de maquillage se déroulera devant le dernier bar avant la fin du monde Avenue victoria à partir de 14h (le long du théâtre du châtelet). 

Remember, French doesn't always translate wellCalling all you other corpses, the date of the Zombie Walk this year is formally arrested October 13! annual opportunity to come lugging your faisandées carcasses in the open air in the streets of Paris near! zombies How to answer the call? You were about 2,000 last year, Is that the number of deaths willing to walk proudly in the streets of Paris continue to grow?Of stands makeup free makeup and led by professional makeup artists and amateurs will be available to the "protesters", even if your own are more than welcome! The make-up session will be held before the last bar before the end of the world Victoria Avenue from 14h (along the Châtelet Theatre)

 Paris Zombie Walk 2012

How to transform yourself into a Zombie

Tutorial d'un zombie by QRM_production

Now for  the Brits
The final episode of Doctor Who was weeks ago, but every time I see a statue around town, I'm afraid to look away. Trust me,The Weeping Angels are seriously scary. I'm not the only one who thinks they're creepy, see for yourself -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0XvSKupIQ4 

Lovely while you're looking at them.....
...fretfully frightening when you look away

I think we're going to see a lot of this type of costume here in Austin.

scary - effrayant
ghost - fantôme
candy - bonbons

Happy Halloween and à bientot ~