28 December 2012

Three Days Late (trois jours de retard)

Happy three days after Christmas or Joyeux Noël trois jours après.

I'm pretty sure no french person ever uttered these words. Have you noticed that I'm pretty sure about a lot of things? But this I know, the French are all about manners and decorum. In the unlikely event that one forgot to wish another a Joyeux Noël, the apologies would fly in a frenzy de la passion.

I regret that I have had too many irons in the fire to post something before Christmas, but alas, c'est vrai.  What has been stealing my time you ask? As most of you know, I have a pet sitting business, Your Place or Mine (shameless advertising). It gets quite crazy at this time of the year, yet I can't seem to say no. This year, I was forced to turn down two clients, though it pained me to do so.

Back to Paris - This is the first time in its history that an ice skating rink has been set up at the La Grand Palais. This is one link on which you must click. The photos are incredible.  I'm still trying to find time to try out the ice skating rink at Whole Foods in Austin.

La Grande Palais - Paris
Whole Foods - Austin

Other fun french news - I've been talking (actually writing) to a real live Frenchman who lives just outside of Paris. I shan't reveal his name, but c'est très français.  There is usually only a small window in which to "talk" due to the seven hour time difference.  He writes to me mostly in English, and I to him in French.  The idea is to correct one another's mistakes thus helping us learn each other's respective language.

The French are on a much later schedule than we are, so that helps a bit. My french class does not resume until January 19th, so this is excellent practice and will keep me from forgetting everything I've learned so far. And get this - he sent me a voice message. What a delightful surprise! At first, I only understood every fourth word, but it sounded incredible. I've listened to it numerous times. Yes, I sent him one as well. It only took me twelve takes to get it right. It's fun having a French friend!

Anyway, that's what's been going on in my fabulously french focused world. I hope your holidays have been filled with wondrous delights. Speaking of, here are some delightful images..

Trail of Lights - Austin

Zilker tree - Austin

La Grande Roue de Paris

Notre Dame - Paris

bonne année tout le monde! happy new year everyone!